Friday, February 6, 2015

Les Mils Combat Review

Happy Friday!

Ok so first of all, those who know me personally or have worked out with me before I love a good yoga session, but I also love a good kick in the ass cardio workout. For the past two months I have kind of dabbled in a few different programs that I have and haven't really been dedicated to a single program since Thanksgiving.

Well that's changed this month! I am starting week two of Les Mils Combat, which is a 60 day program where you workout 5 days a week and the daily workouts vary from 30 to 60 minutes.
I love the music and the energy that you get from doing these MMA style exercises. They are kicking my booty right into shape and helping my cardio as well!

Day 2 Power HIIT 1

During the workouts you do a lot of kickboxing and variations of punches as well as your regular high intensity interval training (HIIT) moves like burpees, high knees, squats and push ups.

I love that they have a modifier so while you are learning what to do or working your intensity up you still know how to modify and get the best workout for your level of intensity. Beachbody doesn't like to leave you standing on the sidelines even if you are a total beginner.

I can't wait to see my body transform with this one, I can already tell that my arms, back, buns and core will be affected as they have felt the burn this past week.

If you want to know about how to order this program it is on sale right now so send me an email or find me on Facebook and we can see if this program is right for you!


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fly Fishing Film Festival- Missoula style

What a crazy weekend we had!

Lots of go go go, good visits with family & Buddy and I spent 10 hours in the car.

First things first... Buddy and I dropped the kiddos off at Grandma's house Friday and had a nice getaway while the kids had a blast making cookies, watching airplanes and playing!

Buddy and I went to Missoula to go fishing, spend sometime with my dad and watch the attend the Fly Fishing Film Festival.

The weather was beautiful and as always Missoula didn't disappoint. We love Missoula for all of the character, diversity and friendliness that makes up the cool/crazy community. Seriously it is almost like a mini Portland. It's kinda funky. They thrive on supporting local businesses and there is never a shortage of good food.

We arrived Friday EXHAUSTED. We literally drove up to my dad's place, said hello and plopped into bed. (We're super exciting I guess)

Saturday we got up headed over to a little casino (because Montana has a million of them) and ordered some really yummy omlets for breakfast. Drank too much coffee while visiting and listened to some old men tell dirty old man jokes as they walked out the door.

We headed over to this cool little fly shop downtown called the Grizzly Hackle (super laid back and friendly staff) picked up some local bugs and our fishing licenses and Buddy and I hit the river.

Seriously gorgeous winter day.

We had a lot of fun, about 10 hits between the 2 of us, but didn't land any fish. That's the cool thing about fly fishing though, is that you aren't just throwing a worm to sink to the bottom, you're actively trying to outsmart a fish, by throwing flies/bugs. That is just part of the fun.

I'd have to say the worst part of the day wasn't that we didn't catch any fish... it was more of the part when Buddy was taking apart his fly rod and accidentally river-danced on his TFO... it's toast, but it does have a warrantee so it's not a total loss.

By the time we got off the river we were both starving... and I'm not going to lie, but I was pretty excited when I found a hummus and pretzel pack along with my Shakeology I brought for the trip. It was the perfect pick me up for Buddy and I to share!

Next up for the evening was to go pick up my dad and head down town to the film festival events... aka talk shop with the other fly fisher-men/fisher-women... we ate some delicious FREE pulled pork, drank some beers (raspberry goodness) and headed over to the theater.

Buddy and at the theater while dad held our seats.
Talk about the super bowl for fly fishing. Seriously SO many hoots and hollers over fish being caught. I have to say the films were great. Beautiful rivers and oceans, FISH and some great stories from each film maker.
*Side note this Idaho girl feels like she's been getting the short end of the stick, you should be able to serve beer and wine in a movie theater.... you just should. Idaho Falls get your crap together.*

Buddy and Dad standing in line to sign up
for a free guided trip.
People just starting to find their seats.
That and picking up their free stuff up front.

Sunday morning my dad had to work so we said our goodbyes and found this cute little hole in the wall called the Hob Nob... seriously if you ever want to go to an adorable little place that serves amazing corned beef hash, fresh blueberry pancakes, banana bread french toast, veggies with potato rounds just to name a few... find it. You won't be disappointed.
Check them out on FB...

Hopped into the car and drove home. We made it just in time to watch the Super Bowl kickoff and snuggle the kiddos.

Thanks mom for watching the kids XOXO
Thanks dad for hosting us! XOXO
MT- thanks for never disappointing


Friday, January 23, 2015

It's about to get personal

I know this sounds silly, but when I was pregnant with Burton I was scared to death.

I was young. Like 18 young.

I was afraid I'd lose myself. I was afraid I'd never amount to anything. I was afraid I'd be stuck in Idaho Falls FOREVER.

Then Burton was born and my heart became overfilled with this love for this little being that I'd just met. (ok so did Buddy's <3)

A couple years later we tried to get pregnant again and I had a miscarriage... and I cried for weeks. We were lucky enough then get pregnant with little Madilyn and again we fell in love instantly.

Well fast forward a few years.... ok more like 5.  Buddy and I started talking about another little baby. So November 2013 we started trying... aka stopped b.c.. Well in January we found out we were expecting and we were so excited! We went to the Dr for the first visit  in January (right about this time a year ago) and there wasn't a heart beat, but my body just kept on thinking it was pregnant. Thanks body. So we decided to go a head with a D & C like the last time, just so we could emotionally move forward.

A little over a year later and a lot has happened. We've changed jobs. We've moved a 10 hour distance. New house. But one thing hasn't changed. It's just the four of us. We haven't given up yet, but it is scary to try and know that you might fail. (That goes for a lot of things in life actually)

Too often we take our blessing for granted. Look at your kids today and be grateful for them. Remember how hard you worked to get them here. Remember all the things you hope for them.

Motherhood is not what I expected, it's a whole lot more. (more laughter, more tears, more fears, more jokes, more snuggles, more love).

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wednesday Workout

I am in love with Beachbody's workout programs... let me tell you why....

1. They give me GREAT results, with minimal time (30-60 minutes).

2. The trainers are amazing and offer a lot of extra videos on YouTube, and many other social media outlets.

3. There are so many different options for programs whether you are a cardio junky, iron pumper, yoga/pilates fein or like to workout with a sweaty hot dude cheering you on, there are options.

One of my favorite programs that I have done is called PiYo. During the 60 day program I lost 19 lbs and gained so much strength and balance that I'm sold on it for life. It is my ultimate workout. I can do it anytime, anywhere and all I need is a yoga mat. 

I wanted to share one of Chalene's clips that she has done to breakdown the steps of a few moves from the program. <3 it!!

Has anyone tried PiYo or another Beachbody program? What's your favorite?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Week of Thanksgiving and the Near Future

Happy Monday y'all!

Man this week is the launch of the annual holiday crazy schedule.
The kids are out of school for the week.
Family has flown in for Thanksgiving, more coming for Christmas.
The struggle of juggling both my family and my husband's begins.
Two words Christmas shopping. Have I even started?
Now I'm just waiting for the first family feud to happen as it tends to happen every holiday. I'm betting that there will be at least one loud mouthed fool, that NO ONE can handle.

This is the first Thanksgiving that we've been home for in 5 years as usually the holiday comes and goes too quickly to travel. Since we moved back home this summer, I feel like the stress is loading on thick and the longevity will be greater than what we've "dealt" with for years.  Needless to say....I will be sure to keep the comfort foods FAR from me as I probably could sit down and eat an entire pan of brownies. Don't laugh, I've done it before.

This year, as an older and mature 27 year old, I am putting my little family first.  I will of course try to work through everyone's schedules, but ULTIMATELY it's about my kids. If things get hairy, we can go home and just do our own thing.
I refuse to get tangled in the drama, stress and will remain in control.

I will also be making sure that I am pushing play each morning on my workouts so that I can keep my stress levels down to controllable. When did I become so uptight and controlling?

Friday, November 21, 2014

Clean Cookies

Hey guys! Now when I say clean cookies I don't mean soap and water cookies PROMISE.

I picked these cookies up from a Pinterest page *Runtastic* and they are actually pretty good. I'm not going to lie and say these are as good as a cookie made with butter and chocolate chips, no I won't. But these are a great little treat for when you are trying to be good, for taking on a hike, to the park or whatever you like to do. They aren't going to give you nasty sugar lagging brain or want to take a nap.

First tip for you is for your old bananas that are brown and NO ONE will eat... throw them in the freezer, not the trash. There are so many things you can do with ripe frozen bananas and these cookies are just one (can you also say clean banana ice cream YUM)

Ok so I'm just going to jump in!

Grab two of your super ripe bananas from that freezer, peel them and throw them into your little mixing bowl!
Snag a fork and mash those bananas up!
Grab one cup of oats and mix those in next.
Toss in two tablespoons of cocao powder (which is less processed then cocoa powder)
From here you can either be finished or you can add a few more items.
I added some flax seed.
Chopped nuts would also be really good.

Preheat your oven to 350 F.
Pull out your cookie sheet and lightly grease it (I used just a little bit of coconut oil)
Place teaspoon size drops on your cookie sheet, these cookies won't grow or melt down so you can place them as close to each other as you need to.

Bake for 7-9 minutes. Cool and enjoy!

xoxo - Kayleen

Monday, November 17, 2014

Hello & Welcome!

I have gotten a few requests that I actually join this world so here goes!

To introduce myself I am Kayleen. I am a wife, mother, college graduate, employee, entrepreneur and modge-podge of other things.

I am a foodie, but have recently started adapting my lifestyle in order to live more freely, healthy and ultimately happier. I recently teamed up with Beachbody and am learning a lot about health and even more about myself. I honestly have read more books in the last 5 months (for fun and personal growth) since 50 Shades of Grey. 

I love learning new things, sharing successes and failures and am just a sweet, sarcastic 20 something girl who tends to take the hard road.

Stay tuned for more because I tend to go big or go home and man I'm too STOKED to go home!