Hey Y'all!

Welcome! Here on my blog I want share my story, my continuous journey to find myself, my health & how to juggle all that life throws at you. I'm not saying that I don't drop the ball.... BECAUSE I DO ALL THE TIME, but I don't let it beat me down. I'm far from perfect and honestly I like it that way.

I am a young wife and mom of two monsters B who is 8 and Cakers who is 5. I am a paralegal by day and mom, wife, and Beachbody health coach by night.

In my family there is the big huge scary threat of diabetes and as fun as that sounds... I have decided to do everything in my power to run in the opposite direction. With that I am learning a lot of great recipes and healthful tips. Also in my family we struggle with depression, specifically seasonal depression, great since I live in cold, dark and windy Idaho.

I am finding myself, learning a lot, being super sarcastic and loving every step.

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