Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wednesday Workout

I am in love with Beachbody's workout programs... let me tell you why....

1. They give me GREAT results, with minimal time (30-60 minutes).

2. The trainers are amazing and offer a lot of extra videos on YouTube, and many other social media outlets.

3. There are so many different options for programs whether you are a cardio junky, iron pumper, yoga/pilates fein or like to workout with a sweaty hot dude cheering you on, there are options.

One of my favorite programs that I have done is called PiYo. During the 60 day program I lost 19 lbs and gained so much strength and balance that I'm sold on it for life. It is my ultimate workout. I can do it anytime, anywhere and all I need is a yoga mat. 

I wanted to share one of Chalene's clips that she has done to breakdown the steps of a few moves from the program. <3 it!!

Has anyone tried PiYo or another Beachbody program? What's your favorite?

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